Get those taxes done

With April right around the corner, I just wanted to remind you to get those taxes done.

As a small business owner, I know how imperative it is to count those coins, BUT with the recent (and constant) changes to our tax laws, I really want to encourage you to consider using a Certified Public Accountant.

I attended a workshop a few weeks ago hosted by Tariqah Mills of T3 Services and here are the two things that stood out to me most:

Know your tax obligations:

There are different tax rules for each business structure. There are a few new filing dates for this year. Check with your tax professional for the updates.

LLCs, Corps (including non-profits), S-Corps… knowing what changes have been made may dictate what changes you need to make. It may be simple organizational changes or complex financial changes. Sole Proprietors – we generally have the simplest but still need to be aware! Your accountant would be the best to advise you on these matters.

Know the Difference between Independent Contractor vs Employee

Did you know that the government has very strict guidelines to distinguish between employee and independent contractor?

I used to work for accountants and I can not tell you how many people came into the office with notices from the IRS or the NYS Unemployment Office, claiming the person that was working or them had NOT been an employee. Almost all of these small business owners had signed independent contracts.

Time after time, these small business owners had to wade through months of paperwork with the accountant/lawyer at the rate of over $300 per hour to try to resolve the matter.

If you have an employee, that is NOT really an employee, there are additional tax obligations. Be aware!

Please make a note of the IRS’s guidelines as well as those of your local government.

Also, things to note:

  1. There is a HUGE difference between a tax preparer and an Certified Public Accountant.  Anyone can pop your numbers into a computer with generic, pre-assigned algorithms and shoot out a basic tax liability profile. Your accountant, however, should take your complete business and personal profile into consideration and give you what works best for you… specifically.
  2. Most business owners focus on the taxes they think they owe without considering the whole picture. You most likely are aware of how much tax you should be paying. However, are you considering the complete picture? Your accountant would be the best one to explain and discuss your specific tax situation, including the liabilities after income and expenses (and whatever else they throw in there to configure those numbers, lol).
  3. Don’t delay filing your taxes. Failing filing your taxes on time does not stop (or even delay) the tax authorities from assessing and assigning your tax liability. Interest on that liability is incurred immediately. In addition, you incur penalties for not filing on time. Penalties that, in most situations, could have been avoided.

Finally, to help get you ready for your meeting with your tax professional, you can get our tax prep checklist here.


Vision Board Party

How you see yourself… your vision for yourself… It is so important.  It’s YOUR life, YOUR dream, YOUR business… live it by design, not default.

On April 1, 2017, host, Leslie Young, will guide you through the creative process of creating this visual journal that offers a starting point to renew, reclaim, redesign and CELEBRATE your life journey.

Ready to get started? Let’s Go.

This is not your average ‘collage’ party. This is a celebration of YOU and we look forward to engaging with women who are in the process of visualizing and creating the life we deserve.


  • Identify things that may be holding you back from being the best you! Fear of failure, inadequate resources, etc.
  • Celebrate & cultivate self-love in a way that matters & works for you
  • Be proactive! Set your vision in motion with empowering steps to bravely walk into the life you’re creating
  • Nourish your Mind, Body & Business. It’s all connected.



  • Free 30-day Vision Board Journal
  • All tools you need to create your board (but feel free to bring your own materials to add to your board)
  • Free appetizers (first come, first served)
  • Complimentary glass of wine

Mind, Body & Business. Come out and make the connection!

Purchase tickets here!

Women’s HER-story Month: Dr. Maya Angelou

There are few people who can string together pearls of wisdom like the Dr. Maya Angelou. It’s not only her words, it’s her flow, her voice… everything. I loved her. I mean she was a beautiful, powerful, eloquent queen and I think she deserves the top spot in our HER-story Salute to Historic Women.

Who would have thought when she was a fry cook….

Who would have though when she was a night club dancer…

That she would have made SUCH an IMPACT as an American poet, or Civil Rights Leader, or be the author of seven autobiographies, or a playwright or….. (you see where I’m going with this)

Do you know why the Caged Bird Sings?

My point is it’s time to find out (and sing!).

Find, own, cultivate your passion and purpose. And if you’ve found it, teach, encourage and inspire others to find their own voice. Maya Angelou is a great, great example of how we as women have the power to make an impact on the world when we do these things.

Below is a compilation video of her 10 Rules for Success. I found it inspiring and hope that you will be encouraged!


#SpringFresh Recipe Challenge

Join the #SpringFresh Recipe Challenge:

When I think of body challenges, I want them to be fun, forgiving and inviting. As I stated in my previous post… I am nobody’s Ms. Fit BUT I do enjoy cooking and eating well.

So for this month’s challenge, I thought we’d incorporate the best of both worlds.

The challenge is this:

[Re]Create & Share a pic of your homemade dish(es) using one or more of these seasonal fruits & veggies with us on Facebook and Twitter using the #dishname and #springfresh. There will be one randomly selected winner whose recipe will be included in next month’s newsletter & will win receive a cool prize.

P.S. – It doesn’t have you be your own recipe, just let us know where you found it.

Get the list here.

Spring Fresh

Ok ladies, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not at the top of the ‘healthy’ or ‘Ms. Fit’ list… not by any means. Yes I am a proud meat-a-tarian. Lol. BUT cooking is also a big hobby of mine. Usually, the spring and fall are the two seasons that really get me fired up in the kitchen. Is that just me?

During my ventures in the kitchen, the more I cook, the more I started to seek out seasonal ingredients, when possible. I was actually shocked to learn that some things I thought were in season were not and vice versa. Anyway, in a effort to help you all that like to shop what’s in season, here is this round up of spring’s beautiful fruits & veggies.

View the list here.