#SpringFresh Recipe Challenge

Join the #SpringFresh Recipe Challenge:

When I think of body challenges, I want them to be fun, forgiving and inviting. As I stated in my previous post… I am nobody’s Ms. Fit BUT I do enjoy cooking and eating well.

So for this month’s challenge, I thought we’d incorporate the best of both worlds.

The challenge is this:

[Re]Create & Share a pic of your homemade dish(es) using one or more of these seasonal fruits & veggies with us on Facebook and Twitter using the #dishname and #springfresh. There will be one randomly selected winner whose recipe will be included in next month’s newsletter & will win receive a cool prize.

P.S. – It doesn’t have you be your own recipe, just let us know where you found it.

Get the list here.


Spring Fresh

Ok ladies, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not at the top of the ‘healthy’ or ‘Ms. Fit’ list… not by any means. Yes I am a proud meat-a-tarian. Lol. BUT cooking is also a big hobby of mine. Usually, the spring and fall are the two seasons that really get me fired up in the kitchen. Is that just me?

During my ventures in the kitchen, the more I cook, the more I started to seek out seasonal ingredients, when possible. I was actually shocked to learn that some things I thought were in season were not and vice versa. Anyway, in a effort to help you all that like to shop what’s in season, here is this round up of spring’s beautiful fruits & veggies.

View the list here.